Music packaging without boundaries



IMMIGRANT RECORDS has played a pivotal role in the development global electronic music scene since it's launch in 1998, and label manager Robin Porter has been designed every album and every piece of printed and digital communication. PROPER now picks up design duties in collaboration with the labels roster of musicians, artists, designers, writers, illustrators and photographers who continue to provide the inspiration for future artworks.


IMMIGRANT RECORDS is truly a global music brand that takes inspiration from the nomadic lifestyle of the traveling DJ and the diverse cultures of the artists it collaborates with on each release and event. PROPER's aim was to continue exploring the narrative of global travel, using images of transit as the labels main 'identifier,' to produce graphics and packaging with no rules, limits or boundaries.


To date, the label has released over 60+ music releases on physical and digital formats, produced by over 70+ international artists, spanning a 16 year period. Each piece of artwork has been a collaboration between the label and some the most respected artists within electronic music including; Subb-an, John Tejada, Jamie Jones, Anja Schneider and Funk D'Void. With new releases scheduled for 2015, PROPER has the opportunity to flex it's creativity for a label that has earned it's place in electronic music history.