BRIGHT, founded by Emma Mainoo, is a forward-thinking organisation on a mission to create a world of healthy workplaces where people burn bright, not out. As a collective of experts and practitioners, BRIGHT brings real-world wisdom and people-centred solutions to the health and wellbeing challenges faced by modern workplaces.

Our primary challenge was to carve out a distinct identity within the competitive mental health sector, mirroring Emma’s experience, dynamic energy, deeply-held values, and compassionate nature. We were also tasked with creating an engaging, content-rich website, powerful speaker presentations, launch video, clothing, merchandise and establishing a unique social media presence. This task was not solely about differentiating BRIGHT, but developing a unique brand position as a visionary in the realm of corporate mental wellbeing.


Art Direction
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Social Visual Identity
Website Design
Website Development: Snap
Emma Photography: Karl Collins

female model in suit sitting


In shaping BRIGHT’s brand identity, our approach was to infuse brightness and positivity into every touchpoint. Central to this vision was a colour palette led by an invitational yellow hue, symbolising optimism and warmth, surrounded by a complimentary and versatile palette. We aimed to elevate the brand to a premium yet approachable level, reminiscent of high-end fashion but still relatable. In regards to photography, our goal was to capture real, uplifting and genuine moments that conveyed positivity. For their social platform, we focused on creating impactful, eye-catching content of high value, to stand out in brief browsing moments. This approach was designed to make BRIGHT not just visible, but memorable in a bustling digital space.


Our strategic-led creative solution for BRIGHT yielded outstanding results. The brand’s new identity successfully conveyed optimism and approachability, coupled with a premium, fashion-centric design direction elevating BRIGHT’s allure. The authentic photography direction and video assets communicated the brand’s message of holistic wellbeing effectively. Our social media visual strategy ignited immediate engagement, capturing attention quickly and effectively. Overall, the refreshed brand identity and digital presence genuinely resonated with clients, greatly enhancing BRIGHT’s visibility and firmly establishing it as a leader in promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace.